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Our Mission

We offer all of you remarkable memories by providing the best quality mixology ingredients for you to create the “bar experience” with who you love, anywhere, anytime and with no experience required.

Cheers to that!

Our Vision

We strive to be the leader mixology company focused in building community, transforming lives, changing perspectives, cherishing authentic human connections and be known as that faithful ally who always provides you the essentials to create a world-class perfect serve for every occasion without having to be an expert or sacrificing the quality of the cocktail experience.

“Together to Gather”

In DO THE DON’T we are a collective of artists, creatives, bartenders, explorers, natural flavor lovers and entrepreneurs led by a Business Poet, Alejandro Toro, an Organizational Mastermind, Ana María Rico and the Galactic Emotional Guru, Jessica Guijarro. All of us are very different, but have one thing in common, we are dreamers, passionate about entertainment, but above all you can call us DOERS. 

We believe in the power of feelings, meaningful connections and remarkable memories, in fact that’s what we strive for. We focus on MIXOLOGY as a way to encourage all of us to express ourselves in the most authentic way. And we don’t mean the Instagram way, even if we have the look.  Everyone has a past, and present — and not all of it is pretty. Our idea is to embrace life as it is, raw and real, with the good and the bad, without using a drink to disassociate from your reality, but rather to spice it up a little more and bring us all closer together.

We are the “a friend in need is a friend indeed” brand. No matter what the future holds there’s always time to share and talk with those we love.

Staying social has never been easier or tasted better. Forget the solo cups, with DO THE DON’T we do the dirty work and you take the credit.