Our sweet and tangy red pepper drops are an explosion of taste and color. Even though they were created to garnish your cocktails, feel free and creative to use them to cheer up both hot and cold dishes such as salads and soups. Forget the solo cups in DO THE DON’T we do the dirty work and you take the credit. Yes. it’s simple. Literally the cherry on top!

Our pepper drops come from: Peru

Shelf life: 3 years, but please store in a dark and dry place

Pepper Drop Red Preserved Garnish


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8oz, 16oz, Case of 12 units x 16 oz


Sweet and Tangy


Pure/Mash or as a garnish

Amazing for cheese board decorations

Other Uses

Use the remaining juice to give your cocktails some color or flavor!

* Spice up your cocktails
* Use as a garnish
* Save the juice for dressing
* As a fun condiment for salads