Elevate your cocktail experience with our Onions Cocktail Garnish. Crisp, refreshing, and perfectly pickled, these onions strike the ideal balance between natural sweetness and a subtle acidity. A versatile touch that adds complexity and the unmistakable flair of our brand to every sip. Enhance your libation with the artful touch of our Onions Cocktail Garnish – where freshness meets sophistication.

Safe Handling Instructions: Keep refrigerated after opening

Onions cocktail garnish


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13oz, Case of 12 units


Sweet and tangy


Pure/Mash or as a garnish

Other Uses

* Culinary Creations: Enhance salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.

* Charcuterie Board: Elevate your charcuterie or cheese boards.

* Condiment Upgrade: Use them as a unique condiment to add a burst of flavor to hot dogs, burgers, or tacos.

* Side Dish Accent: Serve as a flavorful side dish to complement a variety of main