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1 Syrup 400ml

1 Olive garnishes 13 oz

1 Pepper 16oz

1 Berry in syrup 8oz

1 Dehydrated fruit  50gr

1 Shaker

1 Cocktail Sponn

1 Box of cocktail picks

Safe Handling Instructions: Keep refrigerated after opening



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1 Shaker
1 Cocktail Spoon
1 Box of cocktail picks
1 Syrup
1 Pepper
1 Olive
1 Berry
1 Dehydrated fruit


Sour and spicy


Olives are commonly used in cocktails to add flavor, texture, and a salty touch. They are often garnishes for martinis, providing a salty balance to the drink. Olives can be muddled for their flavors in cocktails like Mediterranean or margarita variations. Skewering olives on cocktail picks is a decorative way to add them to drinks like Martinis or Bloody Marys. The juice from olives is used in cocktails like the Dirty Martini for a richer, salty flavor.

Other Uses

It can also be used in:

*Pizza toppings


Green olives Pepper paste Water Algimax Hf Aroma garlic Salt Citric Acid Potassium sorbate Sodium benzoate May contain traces of sulphites