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Master the Gin Cocktail Game: Do The Don’t Edition

Shake It Up with Do The Don't Blueberries and Gray Whale Gin

Introducing the gin cocktail recipe that’ll make your taste buds dance, your friends jealous, and your cocktail game the hottest in town!


Let’s dive into this fabulous beverage we like to call: the ‘Gray Whale Gin Delight’ with a twist of Do The Don’t (we promise, it’s as delicious as it sounds).

Why Gray whale gin?

If you’re looking for the perfect gin to make a balanced gin cocktail recipe, that’s both unique and flavorful, Gray Whale Gin may be the choice for you. 


This gin is made with a blend of botanicals that evoke a variety of sensations on the palate, including a faint nuttiness, pine-forward juniper, and a minty, slightly mineral finish. In addition to its complex flavor profile, Gray Whale Gin is also environmentally conscious, using sustainable ingredients and donating a portion of its profits to ocean conservation. So not only can you enjoy a delicious cocktail, but you can also feel good knowing that you’re supporting a company that cares about the planet.


Want to read more? Find here expert gin review and tasting notes of Gray Whale Gin.

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The Gin Cocktail Recipe with a Blueberry Twist

First things first, let's assemble the all-star cast of ingredients:

– 2 oz Gray Whale Gin
– 0.5 oz Honey Syrup (Nature’s golden nectar of the gods)
– 0.25 oz Benedictine liqueur (The secret sauce that binds it all together)
– 0.5 oz Lime Juice (For the zesty, tangy, and citrusy kick)
– 3 or 4 Do The Don’t Blueberries (These gems give our recipe a sexy, blue vibe)
– Dehydrated Orange Garnish from Do The Don’t (Toast ’em and flaunt your garnish game)
Now that you’ve got the gang together, it’s time to work your magic! Here’s how to create your masterpiece:

The Step-by-Step:

  1. Take 3 or 4 tempting blueberries from Do The Don’t and place them in a shaker and macerate them to release their juicy, wild secrets.
  2. Gently add the honey syrup, Benedictine liqueur, and lime juice to the shaker to create an irresistible potion that’ll entrance your guests. Don’t forget to add ice and lock it tight!
  3. Shake like crazy! Imagine you’re creating a mysterious love elixir that’ll bring endless laughter and unforgettable moments to everyone who tries it.
  4. Double strain and pour into a previously chilled glass.
  5. Complete your Gray Whale Gin Deligh with a dehydrated orange garnish from Do The Don’t. It’s the cherry on top (or, well, the orange on top).

There you have it! The Gray Whale Gin Delight with Do The Don't Blueberries is ready for its grand reveal!

Cheers to living life on the wild side, exploring new flavors, and becoming a legendary bartender in the world of gin cocktail recipes.

Bottoms up, and let the fun be GIN

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