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Cocktail Trends 2023: Exciting Innovations and Sustainable Choices

5 Trends in the Bartender World 2023

Discover the latest cocktail trends and how Do the Don't is leading the way in cocktail garnishes

The world of mixology is always evolving, and 2023 promises to bring new and exciting trends to the forefront of the bartender world. At Do the Don’t, we specialize in crafting exquisite cocktail garnishes that elevate your drinking experience.

Join us as we explore five key trends that will dominate the cocktail scene in 2023 and discover how our premium garnishes complement these trends


Trend #1
Adding More Flavors to Your Spirits Category

One noticeable trend in the industry is the increasing demand for high-end spirits with unique flavors. As mixologists and bartenders strive to create extraordinary cocktails, Do the Don’t provides an extensive range of premium cocktail garnishes that perfectly complement these flavor profiles. From dehydrated fruit slices to gourmet jar garnishes, our collection allows you to enhance the taste and visual appeal of your beverages.


Trend #2
The Rise of Premium Drinks

Premiumization is on the rise, driven by factors such as health-conscious consumers and a desire for sustainable products. At Do the Don’t, we understand the importance of delivering garnishes that align with the premiumization trend. Our handcrafted garnishes, made from the finest ingredients, are meticulously designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your cocktails, making every sip a luxurious experience.


Trend #3
Embracing Low and No Alcohol Options

As people seek a more balanced and healthier lifestyle, the trend of low and no alcohol drinks, also known as mocktails, continues to gain popularity. Do the Don’t recognizes the significance of garnishes in creating visually appealing and flavorful non-alcoholic beverages. Our range of garnishes, including fruit syrups and disruptives garnishes, allows you to craft stunning mocktails that impress both in taste and presentation.


Trend #4
Spritz: A Timeless Classic with a Modern Twist

The spritz has witnessed a remarkable resurgence, becoming a favorite among cocktail lovers. At Do the Don’t, we celebrate this trend by offering a variety of garnishes that perfectly complement spritz drinks. From delicate dehydrated citrus to vibrant fruit accents, our garnishes elevate the classic spritz, adding complexity and visual charm to your glass.


Trend #5
Conscious Consumption with a Sustainable Touch

Consumers continue to be more mindful of where and what they eat and drink. Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers, and at Do the Don’t, we are committed to making a positive impact. We understand the importance of responding to the environmental crisis and helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint. 


We are proud to announce our partnership with Nueva Life as part of our commitment to sustainability. Nueva Life is a non-profit organication dedicated to driving positive change and actively working towards the UN’s sustainability goals. At Do the Don’t, we share their vision for a greener future, which is why we have pledged to donate a portion of our profits from every purchase to support their initiatives. 


By choosing our premium cocktail garnishes, you not only enhance your drinking experience but also contribute to making a difference in our environment. Together, we can create a more sustainable world, one garnish at a time.


pss.. If sustainability is not at the forefront of your strategy for 2023, you will be left behind!

Simple Tips for Sustainable Cocktail Garnishes

Creating a sustainable bar experience extends to cocktail garnishes. At Do the Don’t, we encourage conscious choices that minimize waste and maximize flavor. Consider these tips to reduce your carbon footprint when using cocktail garnishes:


  • Opt for reusable garnish tools: Instead of disposable plastic picks, choose reusable options like metal skewers or bamboo sticks. 
  • Embrace edible garnishes: Explore the world of edible flowers, herbs, and fruits to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your cocktails. 
  • Use whole ingredients: When possible, incorporate whole fruits and herbs into your drinks, allowing for versatility and reducing waste. 
  • Compost responsibly: Dispose of organic garnish waste

5 Trends in the Bartender World 2023

Cocktail garnishes play a vital role in enhancing the visual appeal and flavor profile of drinks. At Do the Don’t, we believe in the power of garnishes to transform a good cocktail into an extraordinary one. 

Explore our collection of meticulously crafted garnishes, designed to add that perfect finishing touch and elevate your drinking experience to new heights.

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